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Milagro the Stallion


Milagro (“miracle” in Spanish) is our one and only stallion at the ranch. He got his name after he suddenly appeared next to his mother in the field on May 19, 2012, even though Joanie had told me I had to stop breeding horses because we had too many and I never seem to sell those born at the ranch (who become members of the family). When he was born, I claimed it was an “immaculate conception”, a “miracle”! (She obviously did not know that I had taken our mare Zoie over to see a neighbor’s stud 11 months and 20 days prior to that.) We have imprinted him as we have with all other horses born at the ranch, and you can see by this photo that he is well behaved even though he still has all of his male parts. We often take him on trail rides with friends, and they are astonished that he is so well behaved. His coloring is referred to as a “medicine hat,” and he has an unusual feature for a horse: two blue eyes.