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Charlie’s medical records

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I just obtained a copy of Charlie’s medical records. Here are some highlights: 9/4/12: 50 days old, 9.7 lbs. 11/1/12: Em. call because Charlie ate rat poison. 11/2/12: Ch successfully vomited yesterday, administered Vit. K, 2 testicles descended; 28.3 lbs. 1/15/13: 56.3 lbs. 1/28/13: 68 lbs, Wife brought in to be neutered (husband wouldn’t do it). 3/6/13: 66 lbs. 4/5/13: Em. call because Charlie may have swallowed tennis ball; told to monitor. 6/2/13: 69 lbs, Ch may have eaten ant bait; had episode of explosive diarrhea; hospitalized for two nights and released. 6/7/13: 71 lbs. 2/2/14: 75 lbs Ch ate duck flavored treat yesterday and started having bloody diarrhea; wife stepped in it in middle of night [my addition]; kept overnight. 5/20/14: 80 lbs. 7/9/14: administered rattlesnake vaccine. 7/14/15: Healthy and sound.