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Introducing Charlie


Many of you know my white lab Charlie. No one has ever been born with a kinder, purer heart. Charlie is a service dog, and his prime job is to hang out with the kids at functions of the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation. Charlie has made numerous appearances at functions in Sandy Valley, and he is a regular at the Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings. (Do you remember the T.V. show Cheers and how everyone would shout “Norm!” when he entered the … [Read more...]

Dogs in the boat

Dogs in the row boat

Dogs like boating too! In the boat with me are Charlie, Zoie, Kingman and Pirate, as well as granddaughters Laney and Ruby. … [Read more...]

Charlie’s medical records

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I just obtained a copy of Charlie's medical records. Here are some highlights: 9/4/12: 50 days old, 9.7 lbs. 11/1/12: Em. call because Charlie ate rat poison. 11/2/12: Ch successfully vomited yesterday, administered Vit. K, 2 testicles descended; 28.3 lbs. 1/15/13: 56.3 lbs. 1/28/13: 68 lbs, Wife brought in to be neutered (husband wouldn't do it). 3/6/13: 66 lbs. 4/5/13: Em. call because Charlie may have swallowed tennis ball; told to … [Read more...]