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Al’s Books

Al Marquis is the author of several books including cowboy poetry, an autobiography (out of print) and co-author of “Running Past Midnight”.

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FRIVOLOUS COWBOY POETRY : These Here Stories Are All True (Mostly)

For as long as Al Marquis can remember, he owned a cowboy hat, boots, a gun and holster. And now, while still practicing law, he playfully recalls some fond (and “mostly” truthful) memories of his ranching adventures. Illustrator R. Jerry Brown uses pen and ink to capture much of the fun and spirit found in Al’s stories. As one Boss Lady describes them: “You’ll laugh and cry as these poems touch your funny bone and your heart… (Read More)


cowboy_poetry2 BUCKED, BRUISED & BLACKBALLED: Lowfalutin’ Cowboy Poetry and Raunchy Humor from Sandy Valley
The author of Frivolous Cowboy Poetry is back with a whole new collection of poetry. From poems focusing on teaching children to swim to a painful encounter with a spooked horse, author Al Marquis shares a humorous and unique perspective with readers. This volume contains thirty-three poems.


running_past_midnight RUNNING PAST MIDNIGHT: A Woman’s Ultra-Marathon AdventureAt the age of 50, mother of three, Molly Sheridan, puts on a pair of running shoes, soul searching for a way to transition into the second half of her life. Within a few weeks and a trip to the doctor, Molly is told she is too old, too tall, and too un-athletic to begin running. Following her own council and heart’s desire, she embarks on her secret dream, to run long distances. This thought provoking, sometimes humorous account follows Molly’s journey, beyond … (Read More)