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About KR


Kingston Ranch is a private estate owned by Las Vegas attorney Al Marquis. Located in Sandy Valley and described by visitors as “an oasis in the desert,” “animal haven” and “a spiritual connection with nature,” historical Kingston Ranch is enjoyed primarily by friends and family with one notable exception: children.

A few times each year, the peaceful tranquility of Kingston Ranch is interrupted by the squeals and laughter of scores of children who swim in the lake, ride horses, scurry after bunnies in the rabbit pen and sit around the campfire while discussing the starlit sky. (The decibel level is controlled with Al’s “No screaming unless you are drowning” rule.) Kids learn how to interact with dogs, horses and other animals in a quiet, gentle and respectful manner.

One of Al’s favorite groups is Project Sunshine, a non-profit organization that provides a three-day camp for abused and neglected children. Some of the kids are from Child Haven in Las Vegas; others are from St. Jude’s Ranch for children in Boulder City; and many live with foster parents. “These kids have generally led a life of sorrow and rejection,” explains Al. “We show them that they can engage in fun, exciting activities while following the rules and showing respect for the adult counselors, for the animals and for one another. Newcomers are often skeptical at first, but eventually all of the children let down their guard, open their hearts and minds and allow us to instill in them a sense of self-esteem and a new system of values that will help guide them through life.”